About Lewis Audio Video

1. How long has Lewis Audio Video been in business?
2. Do you do commercial work?
3. Are your installers experienced?
4. Will you come to my location and assess my needs. How much do you charge?
5. I have many choices in electronics retailers, why choose Lewis Audio Video?

Products and Services

1. What is a home theater?
2. What is home automation?
3. What is multi-channel audio?
4. What are satellite systems?
5. What is streaming video?

Projects and Portfolios

1. What’s with the portfolios?
2. Can I have my Lewis Audio Video project displayed on this site?
3. How can I get one of those portfolio projects in my home?
4. What are testimonials?
5. How can I add my testimonial to your site?


About Lewis Audio Video:

1. How long has Lewis Audio Video been in business?
We have been serving Oregon and Southern Washington since 1981. [top]

2. Do you do commercial work?
Yes, in fact we have an extensive portfolio of companies we have helped to achieve there audio, video, automation, security, surveillance, phone, and even store front and display case LED lighting! [top]

3. Are your installers experienced?
Absolutely! Our team of five has over 70 years of combined experience and several in our team are licensed low voltage journeymen. Beyond their technical expertise they are also professional and some would say they are a good looking group as well. [top]

4. Will you come to my location and assess my needs. How much do you charge?
Not only will we do this, we want to do this! Our goal is to make your project successful, we offer this service complementary inside a 30 mile radius of the store. Please contact us for further details. [top]

5. I have many choices in electronics retailers, why choose Lewis Audio Video?
We have been in business for over 30 years for a reason. Our customers become loyal fans once they have experienced the unparallelled level of professionalism and service we offer. Most of our staff have been with us for 5 or more years and we are fortunate to have such a fine group. Don’t take our word for it though, stop by and experience Lewis Audio  Video for yourself. [top]


Products & Services:

1. What is a Home Theater?
A home theater is an area in or around a residence where the homeowners can enjoy a movie on their own big screen. Home theaters can be as simple as big screen television with 5.1 surround sound, or as complicated as a setup including a drop down screen projection unit with 7.1 surround incorporated into a matching furnished theme, hiding the inner workings of your theater. It will make you feel like you’re actually at the movies while being able to enjoy the creature comforts only your home can provide! [top]

2. What is Home Automation?
Home automation is the mechanics involved in making your home’s electronics work! Things that go into making your home automation system complete include: Wireless touch panels that will control your home automation from anywhere in the house, amplifiers and speakers to bring a warm and rich sound to your lives, as well as closed circuit television to further enhance your security. [top]

3. What is Multi-channel Audio?
Multi-channel audio is sound that has more than one source. In home theaters the figures 5.1 and 7.1 mean that a respective audio system has 5 or 7 main speakers plus a subwoofer that plays the LFE (low frequency effect) channel. The number of surround speakers determines the difference between the formats: two in 5.1 and four in 7.1. [top]

4. What are Satellite Systems?
Satellite systems are another way to view your favorite television programs via satellite. These systems come with their own satellite dish and signal reciever. Satellite system companies we provide are DISH Network and DirectTV. [top]

5. What is streaming video?
Services like Netflix, Blockbuster, and Vudu offer movie content over the internet. Using a network connected device allows you to watch movies on demand without going to the video store to rent or purchase a Blu-Ray or DVD. Be sure you have adequate internet speeds before attempting to stream movies. Here is a good article describing what kind of internet speeds are needed for video streaming. Test your internet speed at Speedtest.net. [top]


Projects and Portfolios:

1. What’s with the Portfolios?
Portfolios are examples or past projects that Lewis Audio Video has done for their customers. These portfolio projects usually include a before and after picture, as well as a list of features explaining the piece. Portfolio projects can be found here. [top]

2. Can I have my LewisAV project displayed on the site?
The ability to display or work to our customers is a very valuable resource to have. Only with your help can we do this! We encourage our customers to have their home projects displayed on our site! To have your LewisAV project displayed, please email support@lewisav.com. [top]

3. Can I get one of those portfolio projects in my home?
To get a project in your home similar to a project we have displayed on our site, please email support@lewisav.com. [top]

4. What are Testimonials?
Testimonials are written feedback from customers who have something to say about the products and services we provide! These can be found here. [top]

5. Can I have my testimonial added to the site?
Customer testimonials are always welcome, and we encourage customer feedback. If you have a testimonial you’d like to add to our website Click here. [top]