Q & A With Eddie Proux

How long have you been working at Lewis Audio Video? I’ve been working at Lewis Audio Video for 11+ years. What do you do at Lewis Audio Video? I work in service as the installation manager. Where did you grow up? Where do you call home? Grew up in Portland. Hillsboro is now my home.   […]



Apple Watch is changing home automation

Apple officially announced the much anticipated Apple Watch at its September keynote event. While some skeptics feared the new watch would simply be a smaller version of the iPhone, Apple impressed us with the robust features of their newest device.   Lutron App Lewis Audio Video have been pioneers of the Home Automation industry. Before […]

Dennis and Heather Lewis have “Hearts of Gold”

Every year, Providence Newberg Health Foundation honors individuals or businesses at their Hearts of Gold Award Banquet. When the Hearts of Gold committee came together, they unanimously agreed that Dennis and Heather Lewis and Vancouver-based telecom company Integra should be honored. The Hearts of Gold award is given only to those who contribute significant amounts of time and resources to enhancing the community.

Members of the Newberg community for more than 30 years, the Lewis’ have been busy, with Dennis running a successful family business, Lewis Audio Video, and Heather working as a registered nurse for 26 years at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. But the couple has been just as dedicated to giving back.

Dennis, for example, serves on the board of directors for Friendsview Retirement Community and Providence Newberg Health Foundation. He is a member of Rotary Early Birds of Newberg, Kiwanis Newberg, Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce, Newberg Downtown Association, the editorial board for The Newberg Graphic, the community sign committee and the mayor’s council. He also volunteers with the SMART reading program.

In 2009, Dennis was awarded Citizen of the Year by the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Along with her mother, Heather helped run another family business, Hazel’s Country Furnishings, for 10 years. She volunteers for March of Dimes, AA Literacy and the now-defunct Vintage Festival. She is also a member of Kiwanis Newberg and the George Fox University Board of Trustees.

In addition to participating in international medical mission trips, the couple are active together at the Chehalem Cultural Center, where Dennis serves as vice president of their board of trustees; 2nd Street Community Church; Young Life; Habitat for Humanity; Bible Study Fellowship and Special Olympics of Oregon.

Though they both participate in several community organizations, they don’t serve to receive recognition. Much of their volunteering remains behind-the-scenes, which is why this award is so significant. We the staff at Lewis Audio Video are so proud of Dennis and Heather, and are inspired by them every day.

Dennis and Heather

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Upgrade to a New McIntosh with the TradeUP Program

Want more power or need modern, digital inputs? As a testament to the durability and value of McIntosh, you can now trade in select products manufactured as far back as the 1970s towards the purchase of a new model. Have you been eyeing a new McIntosh model but were unsure what to do with your […]

In-Depth Look at this Year’s Parade of Homes

NW Natural Parade of Homes The NW Natural Parade of Homes – presented by HomeStreet Bank is SW Washington’s only home tour event! Each year, The Building Industry Association of Clark County brings together the top local builders to present the finest in home building. Join us this July 11 through 27 (Closed Mondays and Tuesdays). Parade of […]


DennisLewisWhat did Lewis Audio Video look like when it was founded in 1981?

Lewis Audio Video was originally  ‘Lewis Communications,’ a provider and installer of Direct to home and business Satellite equipment.  We provided and installed equipment to receive TV signals to homes and business that were outside the reach of cable or over the air TV signals…We quickly realized that if a client was receiving TV signals for the first time, they needed the TV and audio gear to enjoy it, so we opened a showroom to provide choices and showcase new products. Some of our current disciplines include the sale and installation of home electronics, security, surveillance, and home automation.  As the marketplace evolves, we will continue to change with it and provide solutions that fit the needs of our clients.

Where did you grow up? Where do you call home?

I am an Oregonian, grew up in Portland, spent a considerable amount of time working outside of Oregon, for companies that sent me wherever I was needed…To be settled in Newberg, is a gift! It is a blessing to work, play and be a part of the fabric of our community…

Are there challenges working in the Consumer Electronics/AV industry? 

There are many challenges in our business, many of which we must adapt and grow through.  We must be able to deliver products and services that will continue to satisfy the thirst for cool solutions to our everyday lives…

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

My hobbies include: involvement in community boards and participation in activities that improve the community that we live in. I also enjoy playing golf, skiing, and spending time with family and friends. Heather and I travel well, but always look forward to our return home…



Behind The Sound: Les Paul

The late, great Les Paul talks about the legacy of his career with McIntosh. Watch Les talk on his introduction to McIntosh, the McIntosh gear he used, and about how he put together the winning combination of a “great amplifier with a great guitar” to get his sound.


Who says we can’t predict the future?

It’s hard to imagine living without some of the tech tools we have grown dependent upon. Things like smart phones and tablets have become indispensable. They save us time and make our personal and work life more efficient. But just a few years ago, some thought the idea of having a small handheld computer was unnecessary, and people would […]

NW Natural Street of Dreams and Parade of Homes

NW Natural Street of Dreams Explore amazing custom homes showcasing innovative design, landscaping and custom solutions by Lewis Audio Video. Relax with friends and enjoy live music, chef and designer demos, and delicious dining in the NW Natural Street of Dreams Cafe and VIP Space. Discover a friendly small-town community filled with big amenities for […]



LarryNewsletterWhat do you do at Lewis Audio Video?

 I am an Integration Specialist. I install and service low voltage systems for our clients. These systems range from simple intrusion alarm systems and home networking systems, to more complex audio/video distribution systems and lifestyle systems, such as lighting and shade control.

How long have you been at Lewis/ been working in your field? What got you started in this industry?

  I’ve been at Lewis A/V for almost two months now. I’ve been working in the Custom Electronics Industry for a little over 20 years; since 1993. How I got started in CE is kind of a funny story. I was in the counselor’s office, my freshman year of college, to get a class changed. There was a ‘Career Opportunities’ board just as you walk in the door. There was a posting for ‘Electronic Security Technician – No experience necessary / Will Train $6.00/hour ‘. I was working part-time at an Office Supply Store, selling office supplies and delivering office furniture. I thought,”Wow, that’s almost a dollar more than minimum wage & 50 cents more than I was making!” This would get me out of the ‘clerking’ environment. Plus, how cool would that be to say,”I’m an Electronic Security Technician”?

Where did you grow up? Where do you call home?

  Well, I was a military brat, so we moved a bit when I was young. I went to kindergarten in Mannheim, Germany. However, Temple, Texas is what I call my hometown. I pretty much grew up in that town before moving to Austin.

What has been the most satisfying part about working for Lewis AV?

  The team! The guys I work with has been the most satisfying part of working here. They have made me feel like one of the family since day one. These guys know what they are doing and do it!

What’s your favorite service or product currently available at Lewis Audio Video?

  Oh man…sound! Whether 2 channel audio from a McIntosh MC2301 or 5.1 surround sound from an Anthem MRX-710; I like delivering wattage to your cottage! To watch a client’s face light up & grin ear to ear, like a kid on Christmas when you put on their favorite music track or an epic movie; that’s gratifying!

What do you do in your free time?

  My latest passion is mountain biking, but, I enjoy exploring the great outdoors when I’m not running wires & hanging TV’s.

Any interesting trivia or facts about you (kids, hobbies, special talents, etc.): 

  Ummm, I have a trained voice. I’ve made All Region and even All State Choir almost every year during my junior-high & high school years. I’m a Gearhead; I have a ’72 Dodge Challenger back home with a 440 Big Block on a stand. It’s a project car I’ve been working on. No kids, just a hound dog and two cats.

Answer to the newsletter trivia:

Can you pick which of these statements about Larry are true?

1. Larry once saved a little girl from a ferocious hound dog.

2. Larry is a trained vocalist.

3. Larry is a “military brat” and went to kindergarten in Mannheim Germany.

*Although Larry is a heroic guy, he has never saved a little girl from a ferocious hound dog.