Why is Vinyl So Good?

Once again, our very own Bill Carnes knows his way with the fundamentals of sound. Here’s his testimony to the beauty of vinyl and why you should check it out if you haven’t already. Today I was sitting and listening to my vinyl record and marveled at how great it sounded. With all the modern […]

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What’s New: Conrad Johnson and Bluesound

It’s Tuesday, so the Internet is going to blow over with the latest news in technology, and of course we’re jumping on that bandwagon. Luckily for you lovely people, Lewis Audio Video is proud to announce the inclusion of two companies featured in our local Newberg store: Conrad-Johnson and Bluesound. Founded in the 1970s by […]



Why Home Theater Systems are More Than Worth Your Time

There’s always going to be someone who prefers the movie theater experience over a home-based one any day, but that doesn’t mean that the latter product isn’t fantastic in its own way! In fact, most of the pros about home theatre can make a regular movie experience seem lackluster by comparison. For the sake of […]

Hey, There… Is Your Smart Home Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

“Smart Homes” are all the rage these days. You can order plenty of smart homestuff on the Internet, and the big home improvement stores have hired executives to help them enter this burgeoning market. They’ve allocated floor space for a plethora of displays sure to grab your attention when you’re there to grab that hardware for […]


MartinLogan at Lewis Audio Video

                                                  Summary: MartinLogan is a tale of two men, their love for music and the creation of a new kind of sound. It all begins in an audio store where the […]



Staff Spotlight: Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis has been a long time member of the Lewis Audio Video family. Find out what Aaron brings to the team, and what he likes to do outside of work.   How long have you been working at Lewis Audio Video? Since I was 12, so 16-17 years. What do you do at Lewis […]

Savant App

Savant has taken home automation one step farther, or maybe two or three. With the release of the Savant App in September of 2014, a level of unparalleled interaction with an automation system has been created. Before customers would call their installer, for example Lewis Audio Video, to set up their home automation and then anytime they needed to reprogram they would need to call the installer again. Customers will still call their installer, but this time the installation process would just be the original setup then the customer takes over the controls. What the app gives customers is a user friendly system that allows them to simply do it themselves. Time is money and the Savant App gives you your time back.

But what exactly does the app do?

The app has many features that allow for the customer to benefit from increased leisure and simplicity. As the seasons cycle customers can easily change the automatic blinds and lighting to compliment the amount of natural lighting. Another option that the app gives users is the ability to “capture” certain settings. Remember when the lighting and sound seemed just right for optimal movie watching? Well now you can “capture” those settings and save them for repeated use. So next time you can spend more time with your family and less tinkering with the lights. The Savant App also gives you remote access to your home when you’re away. Forget to turn the alarm on when you left for vacation? No problem, jump on your mobile device and fix the problem instantly. The best part about this app is it allows for integration of all your different electrical applications that can be easily accessed and programmed from your mobile device.



Portland- The New Tech Hub of the West Coast

Portland is moving quickly into technology based living and may become the next tech hub of the west coast. One example of this is the increasing popularity of the city among programmers from the Silicon Valley. The Silicon Valley (San Francisco and the surrounding bay area) is in an affordable housing crisis elevating the median cost […]