Why is Vinyl So Good?

Once again, our very own Bill Carnes knows his way with the fundamentals of sound. Here’s his testimony to the beauty of vinyl and why you should check it out if you haven’t already.

Today I was sitting and listening to my vinyl record and marveled at how great it sounded. With all the modern methods of delivering music into our homes, I still feel that vinyl records (also known as analog) represent the most accurate reproduction of music we have available to us.

Yes, we have CDs–and when they first came around we were told that they were perfect, that they would last forever, and then all of a sudden High-Res digital formats reduced CDs to an orphaned stepsister. If you think of all the formats that have come and gone–Casette, 8-Track, Open Reel, L-Casette, CDs and several others–which one has remained and made a consistent impact?

That’s right. The vinyl record.

Of course, when you listen to any of these formats they all have their shortcomings. And yet, even then, the only one that never seems to go away is vinyl. Now, why is that? Well, it’s because sound from a voice or an instrument is a sine wave.


The only format that we currently have that keeps the integrity of the sine wave is the vinyl record. Any digital format can break down that sine wave to “0” and “1” while trying to rebuild it to look like the original.


This is one of the reasons I believe analog is better than digital. This argument will expectantly go on for many years to come, with both pundits of technologies offering their opinions as to which is better.

I would say… let your ears decide.

Featuring our Red Rega Turntable Vinyl Record on display in our store. 

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