Why Home Theater Systems are More Than Worth Your Time

There’s always going to be someone who prefers the movie theater experience over a home-based one any day, but that doesn’t mean that the latter product isn’t fantastic in its own way! In fact, most of the pros about home theatre can make a regular movie experience seem lackluster by comparison.

For the sake of your curiosity and interest in the business that home theatre companies offer, I’ve compiled a list of reasons you should consider checking it out (in case you haven’t yet).

It’s Your Own Personal Mini Theatre


Yep, exactly what you’d expect in just the title! Home theatre systems are designed for you to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home, with your own screen and a worthwhile projector that will make you want to pop your own popcorn for the event as well! Plus, it’s cheaper in the long run without constantly reaching for those ten dollar ticket deals at your local theatre.

Finding a Seat is Never a Problem


You choose pretty much everything about your experience, and of course, that includes how you sit. Your rules, your comfy cushions. There’s no shame in kicking your legs up and eating whatever the heck you want and enjoying the fact that you can say: “Hell yeah, I have my own pad set up and no one can take that away.”

Snacks Don’t Cost Half Your Paycheck


Well, okay, if you’re splurging outside the theatre then that’s an entirely different issue, but we all know that the jumbo popcorn, pretzel and cheese combos and enormous soft drinks from regular theaters can form a massive dent in your wallet. With a home theatre setup, you have the freedom to choose what to eat! Don’t want super expensive popcorn and Twix bars? You don’t have to, and usually this is a plus since most (maybe all) theaters require you to not bring anything inside, unless you’re an expert sleuth.

No Wait – Just Press Play and Enjoy


None of that pesky “waiting business” is involved with home theater. You have the freedom of pressing the fast-forward button with your own deluxe system; of course, this is a well-known thing with regular televisions as well, but the replication of the movie experience doesn’t come anywhere close.

No Complications With Friends and Family


Here’s what I mean by this — there are several aspects about home theater that can greatly appeal to much larger groups of people. Similar to the point before on how finding a seat is literally never a problem with a personal home theater system, that’s also true with who you want to experience the movie with. No extra pricing on tickets for those you really want to spend time with. In all seriousness this makes the experience more personally driven and surprising in its depth.

Fantastic Sound System


Theaters have excellent sound. Everyone knows that. But with home theaters you can create that same experience in your comfortable home space, and that in itself was impossible several decades ago, at least compared to the quality of products we have available at our fingertips today. These speakers rumble and groan and totally transform your condensed, yet not claustrophobic, experience with the screen and projector.

Well, there you have it! Several quick, snappy reasons why home theaters provide an excellent experience, and why they are most definitely worth a bit of your time. Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about home theater systems or movies in general! Here at Lewis Audio Video, we would love to hear your feedback.


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