Two Channel Audio – Business is Out There. It’s Time to Get It.

Our general sales manager, Bill Carnes, has years of experience in the industry, and a keen eye for exactly what needs to be said and done. This blog post is solely consisting of his thoughts and truthful facts on what should be done about two-channel audio, and how our company can help you through contribution.

Thank you for reading!

When was the last time you listened to two really good speakers and a really good amp hooked up to your TV to watch a movie, play a record or CD, of some of your favorite music?

Think of this.

What’s really better? Two great speakers and a really good amp, or five/seven mediocre speakers and a garden variety amp? We all know the answer. Let’s get back to what got us here in the first place: the love of really great sound!

So now do this.  Eliminate the center and rear channel speakers, get rid of all the extraneous processing and processors, discard the low grade cable tangle across the room, throw out the additional remotes, and forget about those expensive multichannel amps. Keep the subwoofer if you use small to moderate sized speakers. There’s no way that, dollar for dollar, a multichannel system with all the extra hardware could compete with a dedicated stereo system. If you primarily listen to music and enjoy intelligent movies rather than mind-numbing Hollywood blood fests, 2.0 or 2.1 home theater is the way to go. If it’s high end or mid-fi, two channels will sound better then five and be easier to use.

I think that our direction has been changed over the last few years because we listened to the “experts” who told us multichannel was the only way to go. Well,what happened to 4-channel, quadraphonic, CD-4, DVD audio, and SACD? They all fell far short of the promise, along with Dolby Digital and DTS. It’s time to stop the madness and deliver the highest quality of sound to your customers. When the day is done the touch screen is used and appreciated about 1% of the time and the quality of sound about 99%.

What do you think about multichannel? About the decline and rise of certain products and lines? Let us know in the comment section below!

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