Hey, There… Is Your Smart Home Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

“Smart Homes” are all the rage these days. You can order plenty of smart homestuff on the Internet, and the big home improvement stores have hired executives to help them enter this burgeoning market. They’ve allocated floor space for a plethora of displays sure to grab your attention when Home-automationyou’re there to grab that hardware for your kid’s school project.

How “smart” are these systems, really? In most cases, not very. Sure, they allow you to control some things in your home from across town or across the globe, but that’s not really smart; more like remote control with really long arms.

A true smart home actually works together to improve your lifestyle. It’s custom designed specifically for you and the way you live. Sure, we program up your media remotes so watching everything from cable to Xbox is as simple as one button press.

Yes, the screen drops and lights dim when the movie starts too. When your lights are in movie mode and you pause it to grab more popcorn, your step lights ramp up so you’ll see the steps, not trip on them. That’s only the beginning, however.

What Does “Smart” Mean For You?

With a true smart home, different systems work together to create seamless environments that reflect the way you live, and make your life easier.

Here are some recent examples:

  • When you arm your security system to “away” the system knows you’re leaving, so it puts your home into away mode, turning off the music system, TVs, and lights, then lowering the shades… all from a single button press on a phone, tablet, or keypad.
  • When you return, a thumbprint scan or code on your phone disarms the security and sets the home the way you like it. Your favorite music plays, and if it’s dark inside, a light path paves the way to the kitchen for easy entry. Those settings can be different for different household members, and often are. Do you want Drake or Debussy playing when you breeze through the door?
  • Skylights open in the great room? Great, your heating automatically shuts down there so you’re not letting energy fly out the hole in your ceiling. Of course, they automatically close, should rain dampen your day.
  • You’ll never again experience retina burn as the bathroom lights turn on for a late-night bladder relief run. Enter the master bath and it’s after11:30pm…. the lights automatically turn on to 25%, rather than 90. Eyesight saved!

An Important Point:

Much of this whizbang technology relies on your home network. Recent studies highlight the importance of using enterprise grade network security to keep your castle’s drawbridge up. We’ll take care of that for you too.

Technology once reserved for Bill Gates or the NSA is now a phone call (or email) away, and we’ll make it simpler than ever.


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