Portland- The New Tech Hub of the West Coast

Portland is moving quickly into technology based living and may become the next tech hub of the west coast. One example of this is the increasing popularity of the city among programmers from the Silicon Valley. The Silicon Valley (San Francisco and the surrounding bay area) is in an affordable housing crisis elevating the median cost of a home to above $800,000 in the Bay Area. This forces programmers making six digit pay checks to live with roommates just to make ends meet. In a very fast-paced career, transition is the norm for these programmers.

Moving to Portland from the Silicon Valley has become a trend for several reasons including geographical availability, transportation, increased imagestechnology use, housing cost, and many more. Portland’s technology use is already growing at an astounding rate, “In 2014, Portland commercial real estate hit the 2nd lowest available vacancy in the country… This huge demand was lead by the tech sector which is currently responsible for 30% of the commercial leases in the city, up from 14% just a few years ago” (J. Lippincott, 2014).  With a trend like this it is no surprise that past Silicon Valley residents feel comfortable with the Portland metro area.

Lewis Audio Video has been providing our services since 1981, and has added many new products and services to accommodate the broad range of customers living in the Portland metro area. Lewis Audio Video is a one stop shop for all your home electronic appliance needs offering home theater, consumer electronics, security, automation and installation services.

Past Silicon Valley residents, because of their technology background, enjoy many of the innovations, and especially the automation systems. These systems allow home owners and renters the control of all their home electronics with a mobile device, such as a tablet or phone. Home automation can be used to control your lighting and security or to play music throughout every room. The enticement of such a practical while still playful innovation is attractive to many past Silicon Valley residents. However, any home owner or renter can enjoy these services. Try them yourself and find out what all the fun is about.

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