Apple Watch is changing home automation

Lutron App for Apple Watch

Apple officially announced the much anticipated Apple Watch at its September keynote event. While some skeptics feared the new watch would simply be a smaller version of the iPhone, Apple impressed us with the robust features of their newest device.


Lutron App

Lewis Audio Video have been pioneers of the Home Automation industry. Before the general public even began using terms like “home control” and “home automation,” we were enabling customers to control their homes from a single device. This is still true today, but the way users control their homes has gotten simpler and become more affordable for the average consumer. With the upcoming release of the Apple Watch, home owners will now have an even easier way to control everything from their lights to the thermostat (and more). Imagine the convenience of being able to control your home with a device you wear most of the day anyway. With the Lutron app built into the Apple Watch, you can adjust the lights to fit your mood, or speak a command to turn all the lights off at once.


This is just a small glimpse into what has already been announced, but we anticipate a whole host of new Home Automation apps that integrate with our other manufacturers. If you already have a home automation system installed by Lewis Audio Video, we can help you make sure your system is ready to use with the Apple Watch. And if you haven’t already considered home automation, now is a great time to check out the value it adds to your home.


The Future of Home Automation

Currently, only a small percentage of homes utilize home automation, but we predict that will quickly change over the next few years. The release of the Apple Watch is one big step toward that prediction. The way that people use technology is quickly evolving into a much more intimate user experience. The newest trend being wearable technology (e.g., Apple Watch, Google Glass) means users will be constantly connected to the tech world around them. In the near future, your home will know when you are walking toward the door at night and illuminate a path for you. The heat will turn on when you’re just a couple miles away during the winter. You will be able to speak commands to your wearable tech, and your home will respond accordingly. All of these features have been available in some form for the last couple years, but never before have they been integrated so seamlessly into the devices most of us already use.



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