In-Depth Look at this Year’s Parade of Homes

NW Natural Parade of Homes

The NW Natural Parade of Homes – presented by HomeStreet Bank is SW Washington’s only home tour event! Each year, The Building Industry Association of Clark County brings together the top local builders to present the finest in home building. Join us this July 11 through 27 (Closed Mondays and Tuesdays).

Parade of Homes Website

Show Dates: July 11-27 (Monday & Tuesday)

Show Hours: 10am to 8pm Wednesday through Sunday, Box office closes at 7pm each day.

An In-Depth Look

If you visit the Parade of Homes this year, you may miss some of the subtle features that are built-in to the framework of each house. Much of what we do at Lewis Audio Video is hidden behind walls or closets, but is designed to dramatically simplify your life. Let’s face it, most of us could use some extra time. While everything you’re about to read may sound complicated, it can all be controlled from a single device. Essentially, we’ll set it up for you, and help you feel confident about any new feature you add to your home. That’s nothing to worry about though; many of our customers tell us how surprised they are that such modern gadgets can be so easy to use. This following is not an exhaustive list, but does provide a sample of many of the services we provided for this year’s Parade of Homes.



Automated Home Security

Sleep Soundly with Savant

Savant makes it easy to monitor and control the safety and security of your home to ensure that loved ones and personal property are always protected.

Automated home security systems offer ultimate peace of mind and endless safety options.

  • At home or away – press one button to activate motion sensors and security cameras, turn on exterior night lights, close every blind, and automatically lock all the doors.Automated Home Security from Savant
  • When you pull into your driveway, your home automation system can automatically illuminate the path to your front door, turn on key interior lights, and deactivate your security system.
  • No more fumbling around in the dark – as you move about the house, smart home control turn lights on or off for you, an especially useful feature if your hands are occupied with packages.
  • Receive smart home system notifications (emails, texts, etc.) when the kids arrive home from school; if anyone enters or exits the home; if a medicine chest or liquor cabinet has been unlocked; or if a garage door has been left open.
  • Set preferences to limit your children’s access to whole-house audio, video and security systems.
  • Activate home automation security from anywhere in the world to get a complete visual check of your home, inside and out, by viewing security cameras from your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch®.

Home Security Automation Eliminates Worries with Home Health Care

If care of the elderly is a concern to you, Savant’s SmartSystems can interface with home healthcare sensors in order to provide remote home automation, monitoring and communication, ensuring that loved ones are never left unguarded.


Energy Management Systems

Take Advantage of Green Home Automation with Smart EnergyGreen Home Automation: Energy Management Systems from Savant

Our energy management systems enable homeowners to monitor and reduce energy consumption of smart home electronics, conserve resources, and save money—all without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Monitor Your Power Consumption

Through an elegant iPad interface, Savant’s Smart Energy Monitor solution measures energy usage and production in real-time, including historical data of multiple energy management devices. This provides consumers and facilities managers with real-time information on electricity use and costs. You can monitor each and every aspect of electricity usage, from appliances to heating and lighting, and view your entire electricity usage or production at home or remotely.

Moreover, consumers can reduce energy use and costs by controlling how and when specific devices use power—particularly during peak pricing or load periods, and in a way that fits with their lifestyle or needs.

Our energy management systems enable homeowners to monitor and reduce energy consumption of smart home electronics, conserve resources, and save money—all without sacrificing comfort or convenience.


Energy Management Systems and Green Home Automation from Savant


Savant Automation is Easy on Energy Consumption:

  • Set your intelligent lighting to automatically turn on and off with the rising and setting sun by timing them to an astronomical clock.
  • Pre-set blinds to close, shutting out powerful sunlight and keeping the interior of your home cool while conserving energy.
  • Reduce the demands on heating and cooling systems with climate control that regulates thermostat levels based on outside temperature.
  • Press a “Lights Out” button to disable all intelligent lighting, making certain that no lights have been left on unnecessarily.
  • Green home automation integrates with occupancy and motion sensors to dim or turn off lights when a room is unoccupied.
  • Remotely monitor and manage all of the whole-house audio/video components and other smart home electronics with your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch® to prevent unnecessary energy consumption









Whole House Audio

Savant is Music to Everyone’s Ears

Whole House Audio iPhone Media Dock Any iPhone or iPod touch becomes an active media player within your smart home’s whole house audio system. Simply connect your iPhone or a guest’s iPod touch to a Savant Media Dock, and the media content loaded on each device can be distributed to any room.Savant’s whole-house audio systems can satisfy the discerning ear of any astute or casual listener.

Whether you are having a house party or quietly relaxing by the pool, create the ambiance you desire by playing independent audio streams from multiple formats and sources to set the mood or enhance your surroundings with the sounds you love.






Cloud Friendly: Savant Delivers iTunes-Match™ Compatibility.

Savant iCloud and iTunes Match Compatibility


Homeowners can now automatically sync music and playlists between their home computer, any compatible iOS device and their Savant system, making media storage ubiquitous and user-friendly to the highest degree.

Any song uploaded to your iTunes account from any registered device at home, your secondary residence or on the go, will automatically be






Ultra HD



4K video is quickly being integrated into the things we all know and love, including YouTube, Netflix, and even our smartphones! Imagine having a smartphone that records video at a higher resolution than your current TV  monitor can display?

Developers know how quickly this technology is being adopted, and they are hard at work to make sure this new resolution standard is integrated into all their new TV’s, Smartphones and gaming consoles.

While 4K televisions are available through some online retailers, the information is usually so generic that it does little for the consumer to make an informed purchase. This is because the information has to be simple enough to be easily understood by a wide range of people, but this usually means leaving out important details. When you are ready to make the switch to 4k, we can answer all of your important questions, and tell you everything you need to know to pick the right TV for you. Every television and brand is a little different, and without some educating you might get your TV home only to discover it wasn’t what you really wanted.


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