LarryNewsletterWhat do you do at Lewis Audio Video?

 I am an Integration Specialist. I install and service low voltage systems for our clients. These systems range from simple intrusion alarm systems and home networking systems, to more complex audio/video distribution systems and lifestyle systems, such as lighting and shade control.

How long have you been at Lewis/ been working in your field? What got you started in this industry?

  I’ve been at Lewis A/V for almost two months now. I’ve been working in the Custom Electronics Industry for a little over 20 years; since 1993. How I got started in CE is kind of a funny story. I was in the counselor’s office, my freshman year of college, to get a class changed. There was a ‘Career Opportunities’ board just as you walk in the door. There was a posting for ‘Electronic Security Technician – No experience necessary / Will Train $6.00/hour ‘. I was working part-time at an Office Supply Store, selling office supplies and delivering office furniture. I thought,”Wow, that’s almost a dollar more than minimum wage & 50 cents more than I was making!” This would get me out of the ‘clerking’ environment. Plus, how cool would that be to say,”I’m an Electronic Security Technician”?

Where did you grow up? Where do you call home?

  Well, I was a military brat, so we moved a bit when I was young. I went to kindergarten in Mannheim, Germany. However, Temple, Texas is what I call my hometown. I pretty much grew up in that town before moving to Austin.

What has been the most satisfying part about working for Lewis AV?

  The team! The guys I work with has been the most satisfying part of working here. They have made me feel like one of the family since day one. These guys know what they are doing and do it!

What’s your favorite service or product currently available at Lewis Audio Video?

  Oh man…sound! Whether 2 channel audio from a McIntosh MC2301 or 5.1 surround sound from an Anthem MRX-710; I like delivering wattage to your cottage! To watch a client’s face light up & grin ear to ear, like a kid on Christmas when you put on their favorite music track or an epic movie; that’s gratifying!

What do you do in your free time?

  My latest passion is mountain biking, but, I enjoy exploring the great outdoors when I’m not running wires & hanging TV’s.

Any interesting trivia or facts about you (kids, hobbies, special talents, etc.): 

  Ummm, I have a trained voice. I’ve made All Region and even All State Choir almost every year during my junior-high & high school years. I’m a Gearhead; I have a ’72 Dodge Challenger back home with a 440 Big Block on a stand. It’s a project car I’ve been working on. No kids, just a hound dog and two cats.

Answer to the newsletter trivia:

Can you pick which of these statements about Larry are true?

1. Larry once saved a little girl from a ferocious hound dog.

2. Larry is a trained vocalist.

3. Larry is a “military brat” and went to kindergarten in Mannheim Germany.

*Although Larry is a heroic guy, he has never saved a little girl from a ferocious hound dog.

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