Q & A With Micah

What do you do at Lewis AV?

I am an installer with Lewis Audio Video, spending most of my time climbing through your attic or in the crawl space. I also install most of our security systems.

How long have you been at Lewis/ been working in your field?

I have been working in my field going on 7 years.

Where did you grow up? Where do you call home?

I grew up in Aloha, went to school in Salem and then Chicago, lived in old town Newberg the last 8 years and just moved to Beaverton.

What has been the most satisfying part about working for Lewis AV?

My favorite thing about Lewis Audio Video is working in a small family environment with friends… The toys aren’t half bad either.

What’s your favorite “toy” at Lewis Audio Video?

Right now my favorite is Sonos.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with the families, working on the house, and reading theology in spare time.

Any interesting trivia or facts about you (kids, hobbies, special talents, etc.):

I don’t like filling out questionnaires for staff Q & A.

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