5 Easy Steps to Reduce Eye Strain

eyestrainEye strain happens when your eyes are overworked, usually because of activities like using a computer, driving, and reading. Although many of us spend several hours doing these things each day, most don’t realize the eye strain it causes. Eye strain can cause mild discomfort, but it often leads to neck/shoulder pain, headaches, and increased stress. As a side note, since we are talking about eye strain, it only seems appropriate that this blog be  written in Comic Sans. This sounds like an April Fool’s joke, but Comic Sans is actually a preferred font type for dyslexics around the world.


Here are a few easy steps you can use to reduce eye strain right now:

1: Rest your eyes by looking away from the computer at things that are several feet in front of you.


2. Adjust your computer monitor so that the top of the screen is at eye level. This will prevent you from needing to tilt your head down to look at your computer, and will also help remove excess glare. Note: You should adjust your screen while seated in your most “relaxed” position. An upright and relaxed posture is recommended while you are sitting, but it’s best to adjust the monitor according to how you will actually sit.


3. Adjust the brightness on your computer screen to match the lighting in your home or office. Natural light is best (as long as it doesn’t increase the glare on your computer screen). Natural light also helps cut electric costs, and is proven to help you feel good.


4. Have your eyes checked to see if you need glasses, or to make sure you are wearing the right prescription lenses. With the wrong lenses your eyes have to work harder than they need to.


5. Gently massage the muscles around your eyes. This will help them relax, and it also feels great!



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