Trend Watch: Techorating Transform Your Home’s Design with Technology

Your home is your haven. As such, we all strive to create a home environment that is comfortable, entertaining and beautifully designed. Now, you can ‘techorate’ your abode to make it even more exciting and visually interesting.

‘Techorating’ is a term that was coined several years ago to describe the trend in both the design and consumer electronics industries in which consumers demanded technology and interior design live together more harmoniously. These days, however, it means more than simply hiding your TV or choosing aesthetically pleasing speakers. In fact, the term has evolved to mean actually embracing technology as a design feature. Here are a few cool ways homeowners like you are using technology to create drama and elegance.

Add Drama With Lighting
Perhaps the most popular techorating trend is incorporating lighting—particularly LED lighting. LED lighting is highly energy efficient and can be created in millions of colors, making it feasible as a design element that can be left on for extended periods of time. For example, many people who have home theaters put controllable LED lighting around a soffit in the ceiling and change the color depending on their mood. That trend has migrated out of the home theater and many homeowners are now using LED lighting in the kitchen, around the pool or virtually anywhere that it makes sense. In fact, some manufacturers are even making colored LED light bulbs that you can wirelessly control using your smart phone or tablet to create fun lighting scenes throughout your home.

Thinking Outside The Rectangle
Have you ever thought about your TV screen as a canvas? More and more people are doing just that, using one or more TV screens to techorate their living spaces. For example, you can create a TV mosaic by arranging several TVs in a pattern and displaying digital art or even photographs. You can even hang a TV vertically! These types of gallery-esque TV installations are especially effective during an event, like an anniversary or holiday party, during which you can choose what to put on each screen according to your theme. We can help create a multi-display wall system that makes sense and looks incredible. When it’s time to start the show, you can use one or all of these displays to watch a movie, the news or multiple sporting events.

Techorating Wonders
Finally, there are a multitude of products out there that are explicitly designed to make your technology look like artwork. For example, if your TV is mounted over the fireplace, a motorized screen can be automated to conceal it when you are not watching it. The screen can feature custom artwork—like a family photo or kid’s artwork–or preselected artwork from a master. Now, instead of a black void, the area above your fireplace features a work of art.

Likewise, speakers designed to look like artwork are popular, disguising these notoriously cumbersome components altogether. Some units are even designed to go inside the wall and be plastered over so that you don’t have to see them at all.

This camouflaging extends to other consumer electronics products as well. One company specializes in camouflaging “wallwarts”—like thermostats, electrical outlets, lighting controls and HVAC grills—to match the surrounding material. Very cool.

Whatever your techorating needs or dreams may be, we can help you accomplish them. Give us a call or come in to our location today to get a better idea of how you can infuse that “wow” factor into your own home and make it even more breathtaking, not to mention fun!

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