Digital Movie Copies

Digital Copy

Technical Tip for those of you who buy Blu-ray and DVD’s: Discs you buy often include Digital Copies (either through Ultraviolet or other). These will sometimes include a disc or more recently just a slip of paper with a redemption code. It is important to know that these copies almost always have an expiration date if you don’t redeem them in time and after they expire you can no longer get theĀ online steaming copy without re-purchasing it.

As technology transitions to more and more streaming devices and media players you may regret not activating the digital (cloud) copies of many of your discs that you could have obtained if you had redeemed your rights (using your included code) closer to the time you purchased the disc(s).

Once you have redeemed it it is yours and depending on the release it may allow you to stream your movie on one or more services (sometimes selectable) such as Flixster, iTunes, Windows Media, Vudu or Amazon. What services for streaming your digital version are available for each movie often depends on what studio released it.

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